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Garden Fencing Ideas & Panels UK

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

With fencing being a permanent fixture in our gardens for decades at a time it's important we choose the right style. Getting the creative mind going over the old garden fence can be a difficult task. When chosen correctly fencing really can become a quality feature in the outdoor space.

If you're stuck for ideas I have just what you need. I have put together this post to provide you with some new fencing inspiration. Whether you are after something traditional, a super modern look, or a fence that is eco-friendly and rustic they'll be something here to help. All of the styles featured are available easily here in the UK and for ease I've also included what you should ask your fencing contractor for to recreate them.

If you'd like to see some gorgeous fencing ideas then follow me...

Garden Fencing Ideas | Closeboard Fencing Painted Urban Deep Grey
Closeboard Fencing Painted | Photo Credit: growingspaces.net

Ask your fencing contractor for a continuous run of closeboard fencing. You can then complete the look by painting it in a modern deep grey shade. I highly recommend Cuprinol paint in Urban Slate to recreate this gorgeous look.

Slatted Fence Panels | Garden Fencing Ideas UK
Slatted Fence Panels | Photo Credit: gardengurus.co.uk

If you have a wall on your boundary this is a fantastic idea to add slatted garden fence panels to the top as an alternative to trellis. This creates a modern and private screen to your outdoor area. Slatted fence panels are also ideal for creating dividers if you need to split up areas in your garden or even a stylish way to hide rubbish bins.

Garden Fencing Ideas UK | Fencing Midlands | Fencing Contractor
Wayneyedge Fence Panels Painted | Photo Credit: cuprinol.co.uk

If you're on a budget then wayneyedge fence panels on wooden posts will be the perfect solution for you. However, the shade of orange they often come in isn't the best new look for your garden. You can easily spruce them up by painting them a lovely clean white hue. I recommend transforming these panels by using Cuprinol matte paint in the shade Pale Jasmine White.

Closeboard Fencing With Concrete Posts & Gravel Boards | Garden Fencing Ideas
Closeboard Fencing With Concrete Posts & Gravel Boards | Photo Credit: fencingmidlands.co.uk

This is the most common type and style of fencing used in the UK and for good reason. If you are looking for a fence which will stand the test of time with zero maintenance then closeboard fence panels with concrete posts and gravel boards is the answer. Closeboard fence panels are sturdy and come ready treated with an anti-rot formula so there's no need to ever get out the paint brush. Concrete really withstands the environment and will last decades. By standing your fence panels on a concrete gravel board you are keeping them out of the damp ground which in turn prevents rot and damage prolonging their life.

Garden Fencing Ideas UK | Fencing Midlands | Fencing Contractor
Hazel Hurdle Woven Fencing | Photo Credit: primrose.co.uk

If you have your heart set on a rustic, natural look for your garden then Hazel Hurdle Woven fencing would be the ideal solution. Not only are these beautiful but also eco-friendly and provide a traditional, unique look to your space. Hazel hurdles can also be combined into gates for a fully coordinated look.

Garden Fencing Ideas UK | Fencing Midlands | Fencing Contractor
Decorative Omega Fence Panels | Photo Credit: challengefencing.co.uk

Decorative garden fence panels create a traditional and ornamental look to your boundary. This style is a British classic! There are many styles of decorative fencing but you can really get creative with the wave and design some really eye catching looks. If you'd love this style of fencing just ask your contractor for omega decorative fence panels fitted onto wooden posts and then topped with a ball post cap.

Garden Fencing Ideas UK | Fencing Midlands | Fencing Contractor
Woven Fence Panels | Photo Credit: jacksons-fencing.co.uk

Woven fence panels combine the best of both worlds. They are modern yet feature a traditional woven pattern. These are ideal for partnering with foliage and climbers. You also get some gorgeous dappled light and shade effects when sunlight shines through the panel and these won't block light out of the garden. These panels are also ideal for use as a screen when dividing up parts of your outdoor space.

I really hope these have provided you with some much needed inspiration to transform your garden. It's time now to put these ideas into action. If you are looking for a quality fencing contractor then checking out Central Fencing HERE is a must.

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