• Jess Lowe

5 Reasons Why Autumn Is The Best Time For A New Fence

Autumn is the season of change so why not introduce a new fence into your outdoor space? It's not too late in the year to have a fence fitted in autumn, or winter for that matter. This could actually be the BEST time of year to have fencing works. There are lots of benefits but we've included the 5 best which include protecting plants, no wait times and maintaining your security.

1. Protect Against Storm Damage

By ensuring your fence is as robust as possible during autumn you'll save yourself from problems and hassle when winter storms hit. High winds in the winter and early spring can bring down unstable, rotting fencing compromising your boundaries, security and safety.

2. Wait Less Time

Peak time for fencing contractors is late spring, early summer. With this brings extended wait times for customers. You can bypass the wait lists completely during low season as there is much less of a wait time.

3. Protect Plants

If you're an avid gardener with stunning borders you'll want to protect your blooms at all costs. Autumn is the perfect time to have fencing work completed whilst plants are dormant.

4. Be Summer Ready

We may have only just waved goodbye to summer but it will soon be here again. Getting your new fencing in autumn or winter means it will be well established by the time you return to enjoying the garden again.

5. Save Money

During low season for fencing contractors you'll find lots of discounts and offers available, saving you money. Stay tuned to our social media for lots of exclusive offers during the autumn and winter season.

Now you know why autumn couldn't be better for getting the new fence you've been waiting for. If you are looking for a quality fencing contractor then checking out Central Fencing HERE is a must.

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