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Palisade Fencing for medium to high level security

Specialist Palisade Fencing Installation

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Central Fencing provides a fully inclusive supply and installation service. 


Why Steel Palisade Fencing?

Palisade security fencing can be used virtually anywhere.  There is the option to dig the fence in on soft ground and on solid concrete ground it can be bolted down.  It is great to define boundaries and provide medium to high level security.  We only use suppliers who manufacture in the UK so you can rest assure that you will only receive the highest quality available.   Here at Central Fencing we offer a range of pale head designs so you'll be sure we have solution that suits the purpose and requirements.


Installation and Pricing 

Our expert contractors have successfully installed thousands of meters of steel palisade fencing across a range of industries and environments.  They can install up to 45m per day so you can be confident we'll have your project completed right on schedule. The cost for palisade security fencing depends on the desired height, whether you'd like a galvanised or powder coat finish and ground conditions.

Contact Central Fencing your local palisade fencing contractors today.  Our friendly team will be delighted to assist with providing a competitive initial ball park figure or arranging a site visit.