Mesh Fencing 
for decarmation and crime prevention

Competitively Priced Mesh Fencing Contractors

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Central Fencing provides a fully inclusive supply and installation service. 


Why V mesh?

V-mesh is one of the most aesthetic types of security fencing available.  The open mesh design gives an opportunity for vegetation and plants to grow through if desired enabling it to blend in perfectly with the surroundings.  It's constructed of pre-galvanised steel wire and is incredibly difficult to cut with standard tools. On top of this due to the 'V' shapes pressed into the panels, it is very hard to climb over and very resilient to direct attack.  V mesh is available in a range of heights from 1.2 m up to 3 m and can be powder coated in any colour you desire. 


Installation and Pricing 

Our professional contractors have successfully installed V mesh fencing across a range of industries and environments.  They can install up to 45m per day so you can be confident we'll have your project completed right on schedule. The cost for mesh security fencing depends on the desired height, powder coat finish and ground conditions the fencing needs to be installed in.

Contact Central Fencing your local V mesh fencing contractors today.  Our friendly team will be delighted to assist with providing a competitive initial ball park figure or arranging a site visit.